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The Mistral-1 is a high-end monaural power amplifier that offers modern sonic characteristics and robust driving power. Based on the Cavatina series model line, Analog Design developed the Mistral, a single-ended monaural power amplifier with a pure A-Class 20 Watts output, which operates the 6C33C as an output tube. As a military triode, the 6C33C is the most preferred output tube for modern high-end tube amps. The high plate current (Ip) and low plate resistance (Rp) of the 6C33C Triode and their excellent performance and sound quality are already well known. It is not easy to actually find a high-end tube amp model that perfectly derives the original characteristics of the 6C33C. Analog Design has successfully completed the Mistral monaural power amplifier, which delivers the outstanding performance and driving power of the 6C33C.


  • Single Ended 20W
  • Wideband Toroidal Output Transforder, Highly Damping factor
  • Triode output characteristics reproduce the highest purity sound quality
  • Single Ended Pure A Class
  • Toroidal transformer design with power, heater, output and choke
  • Air gapped toroidal choke transformers
  • Air gapped Toroidal Output transformer
  • Russian original Ceramic Gold-plated Socket
  • 6N1P-EV input stage, 6N6P-I driver stage, 6C33C output stage
  • Teflon insulation High voltage insulation adopted
  • WIMA acid MKP class capacitor
  • 1% metal film precision resistor
  • Swiss Neutrik XLR balanced input
  • Germany WBT 24K gold-plated RCA unbalanced input
  • Germany WBT 24K Gold Plating Binding Posts


  • Single Ended RMS 20W
  • Output Impedance : 4Ω , 8Ω
  • Rated Input Sensitivity : 0.5V RMS
  • WiMA MKP polypropylene capacitor
  • Input Impedance : BAL - 200kΩ , UNBAL - 100KΩ
  • Tubes: 6N1P-EV,  6N6P-I,  6C33CBDATA SHEET
  • Damping Factor > 10
  • Hum & Noise < RMS 0.1mV
  • No white noise
  • S/N Ratio: 90 dB
  • THD : 0.1% (15W, 1kHz), 1.5% (20W, 1kHz)
  • Frequency Response: 2Hz~70kHz (-3㏈/10W)
  • Consumption : 150W /Each (117V, 230V AC / 50Hz 60Hz)
  • Dimension : 270×190×390(WHD)mm
  • Shipping Weight: 15kg /Each

  • The spec of the product can be subject to change at any time without prior notice.

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