Recommanded Headphones


The table below shows that at a load corresponding to headphone impedance, it is the amplifier output frequency response (0,-3dB) characteristic measured based on rms 3V output. Recommended headphone list that best matches the load impedance.


Low Impedance Load (16Ω -80Ω)

Load Frequency Response
Recommanded Headphones
20Ω 1Hz-42kHz (0,-3dB) Audez'e LCD-X, LCD-XC
22Ω 1Hz-43kHz (0,-3dB) Fostex TH900
25Ω 1Hz-44kHz (0,-3dB) Denon D7200,D2000, D5000, D7000
30Ω 1Hz-45kHz (0,-3dB) Ultrasone Edition-8, 9 & 10
32Ω 1Hz-48kHz (0,-3dB) Grado RS-1, GS1000
40Ω 1Hz-50kHz (0,-3dB) audio-technica W1000, W3000, W5000
62Ω 1Hz-56kHz (0,-3dB) AKG K701, K702
70Ω 1Hz-57kHz (0,-3dB) Audez'e LCD-2, LCD2-Classic


High Impedance Load (100Ω -600Ω)

Load Frequency (0,-3dB)
Recommanded Headphones
110Ω 1Hz-70kHz Audez'e LCD-3
120Ω 1Hz-72kHz AKG K501, K1000
200Ω 1Hz-73kHz Audez'e LCD-4
250Ω 1Hz-74kHz Sennheiser HD700
300Ω 1Hz-76kHz Sennheiser HD600, HD650, HD800, HD800S
400Ω 1Hz-77kHz Beyerdynamic DT 100
600Ω 1Hz-78kHz Beyerdynamic T1, AKG K240DF

 This is quoted from ADLAB articles.