Design Philosophy


Technical features of ADLAB products

All of our tube amplifier model lines consistently incorporate the following unique technical features:

1. Toroidal power transformer

In 1997, the development of cavatina monaural power amp based on the technology accumulated in the completion process, while minimizing the power impedance and maximizing the efficiency of power supply, toroidal type power transformer that can speed up power supply developed and adopted in all model lines.

2. Adoption of Toroidal outout transformer (OPT)

The Toroidal Output Transformer is the basis for the superior sound quality and playback power of the entire tube amp model line. The output of a tube amplifier with Toroidal OPT not only relieves the burden on the triode due to overload, but also shows excellent driving ability to drive without loss even with a low-efficiency speaker system due to its high transmission efficiency. In particular, the Toroidal Output Transformer (OPT), which allows the final output stage of the tube amplifier to maintain its wideband frequency characteristics while maintaining minimal transmission losses, is the best combination for any speaker system that will only match together with the triode tube output stage ensure perfect sound quality.

3. Mounting of Toroidal choke coil

All our tube amplifiers have choke coils that provide pure DC power developed as a toroidal type, it is mounted under the power transformer, the power ripple component (120Hz) is cut off to minimize the hum it makes a decisive contribution to cleaner and more refined sound quality.

4. A belief in the sound quality purity of the Triode output circuit.

All of the Analog Design's amplifier models have only triode outputs, these choices and decisions are, above all, a belief in the purity of sound quality that is unique to the triode without distortion that only the triode output tube reproduces. The only technology selection and decision that can tell the beauty of the reproduced sound is the adoption of the triode tube.

 This is quoted from ADLAB articles.