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The Alchemist Phono Amplifier is the ultimate nuance vacuum tube phono amplifier that allows you to enjoy music playback through traditional analog LP recordings, which is the traditional first audio source in the past, as audiophiles' high-end audio sound. Military high reliability tube life and tube life it is a unique feature of a phono amplifier of an alchemist tube that it is precisely manufactured and completed by hand crafting with the craftsmanship to suppress vibration and microphonic occurrence as much as possible. The small but rugged body is ideal for use near an analog turntable, the excellent analog sound reproduction performance and high quality are the simple and modern design it is mounted in a small chassis. The record sound of the Alchemist Phono Amplifier is soft and warm. High sound quality is released from noise while maintaining resonance. You can listen to the details of high musicality through and delicate touches and lingering.

Transformer Coupled Design


  • Toroidal power transformer eliminates all noise and hum
  • high S/N ratio to reproduce high-fidelity analog sound
  • Kimber cable, Teflon wire, Silver Shield cable
  • Convert RIAA equalizer phono dedicated signal to hi-fi signal
  • Directly input signal output of MM cartridge, output as line level signal
  • Use MC transformer or head amp when using MC cartridge
  • CR Type Non Feedback RIAA Equalizer Circuit
  • RIAA filter circuit with 1% error of Styrol capacitors and metal film resistors
  • Absolute Minimization of Microphonic Noise
  • Less than 0.1mV suppress hum and noise
  • 24k Gold Plate Pure Copper CMC RCA Connectors
  • Using BIMA (WIMA) capacitors
  • ELNA-STARGET electrolytic capacitors
  • Toroidal Power Transformer

Point-to-Point Wiring


  • Input Range : 2mV - 5mV (MM / Hi-Level MC )
  • Input Impedance : 47kΩ /100 PF
  • Gain : 42dB (×130)
  • Output Impedance : 1kΩ
  • Frequency : 1Hz to 100kHz (0 ㏈, -3㏈)
  • RIAA Curve Deviation : 20Hz - 20kHz / ±0.2㏈
  • Channel Seperation :
  • S/N Ratio : 88dB
  • Hum & Noise: RMS (VTVM) > 0.1mV
  • 6N2P-EV 2ea (Front Stage)
  • 6N1P-EV 2ea (Output Driver)
  • Replacement Vacuum Tube: 6922, 6DJ8, ECC88
  • Power Consumption: 30W (117V/230V AC / 50Hz 60Hz)
  • Dimension & Weight : 170×110×300 (WHD)mm, 5kg
  • The specifications of the product can be subject to change at any time without prior notice.

  CR-Type Zero Feedback RIAA Advantages

The Alchemist Phono Amplifier does not use the most commonly used NFB (Negative Feed Back) type RIAA equalizer circuitry, but instead employs the traditional CR type RIAA equalizer circuitry. The NFB type RIAA equalizer circuit instead of giving up the lyricism of the analog sound selection Stable amplification, improvement of frequency response, attenuation of nonlinear distortion, and improvement of S / N ratio. However, it shows a glitterless analog sound trend. On the other hand, a CR type equalizer circuitry that compensates for the RIAA characteristics is inserted in the CR type equalizer circuit, which is somewhat disadvantageous in terms of maximum allowable input and S/N ratio characteristics. However, if the CR network circuit of a good device is perfectly designed since the overall transient response is overwhelming, it is far superior to the analogue sound reproduction of LP record only. Alchemist Phono Amplifiers are exceptional with precise components and components in addition to having the technical characteristics of the circuit, the best-in-class CR type RIAA equalizer circuit successfully adopted. As a result, the Alchemist phono amplifier gives analogue aficionados fine sound quality peculiar to analog sound and flexible and transparent Enjoy musical nuances.

  Technical Articles

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