About Us


Analog Design Labs is a industrial electronics company established in 1987. Our main works are SCADA, Distributed Remote I/O, RTU, Glass crack inspection, Environment measuring system, Realtime Current Zero Anticipator, High speed Optic link, and ADC, DAC, Data Acquisition System. Furthermore, we run some work in field of audio on the basis of ability of analog circuit design.


Analog Design Labs which has begun effort to develop technology of audio since 1997, we complete the world's best high-end tube amp model line as the concept based on completely new level of modern design and high tech performance, we extend overseas sales.


Analog Design Labs introduced successfully all over the high-end tube audio model line which have absolute performance and quality of sound in the field of pure high-end audio. From Cavatina to Prelude, whatever the tube amp model is they show top quality perfectly, and also present masterfully musicality of ultimate sound quality which never compromise with other products.

Our Works

  Tube Audio

Direct Heated Triode Mono Bloc, Single Ended Power, Phono Stage, Transformer Coupled Pre Amp, Tube Headphone Amp, Fully Balanced Headphone Amp, Tube DSD DAC, Bluetooth aptX™ HD, HDMI, etc.

  Heavy Electric

KERI, HHI, HS Power, VITZRO etc. Delivery Performance, Ultra high voltage short circuit transformer test certification equipment, ( Realtime Current Zero Anticipator), and Optic Link , HighSpeed ADC, DAC.


Stack Monitorting , Atmospheric pollution measurement, Dust measurement, SCADA System, Environmental measuring equipment, Remote I/O, RTU, Tele-metering, IoT, RS422/485, TCP/IP, etc.

Industrial property rights




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